Choosing Your Scent with Juce Fragrances

Discover a seamless way to test and exchange Juce fragrances at home. Our full-sized (50 ml) Juce core fragrance range comes with a bonus 3ml sample allowing you to test the same fragrance before breaking the seal. However, kindly note that our collaborations and promotional products don't quality for our exchange program. The included Hassle-Free Exchange Kit contains both the 50 ml fragrance and the 3 ml sample fragrance to assist you in choosing the right scent.

Ordering and Sampling with Confidence

Purchasing your favorite scent is easy with Juce Fragrances. Payment for the full amount is collected at the checkout and appears as 'completed' in your bank statement. After receiving your Juce package, we give you up to 30 days to try the provided sample fragrance. For complete flexibility, remember that the 50ml fragrance box stay sealed within this period, as opening it implies a final sale, and the product cannot be exchanged.

No-Risk Exchanges for Juce Club Members

Juce Fragrances offers you the unique opportunity to exchange any unwanted fragrance within 30 days of purchase. Simply submit a free exchange request on our site, and Juce Club members enjoy a waived return shipping fee. After approving your exchange request, we’ll forward a prepaid printable return label for you to send us back the unopened, full-size fragrance bottle. Once we receive your returned product (which may take between 7 and 10 days), we'll give you a store credit equal to the value of the returned fragrance. You are not required to return the sample fragrance. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at